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At BoldSky Technologies we focus solely on laser marking and our goal is to offer unmatched service for our customer's laser marking projects. Whether it be a turnkey system or a system customized for your unique application, we are here to offer our help and advice. We stock standard certified laser enclosures that can be delivered quickly for those projects that were due yesterday and we have engineers standing by to help design a custom laser system for your unique application.

SkyMark 3100
(BoldSky Technologies: industrial lasers & custom designs)

Easy to Configure

BoldSky Technologies systems are designed to be easily configurable. Your laser system can be as simple as an off the shelf laser enclosure to as complex as a system that links into your company’s database for tracking and serialization of your products. Each system is fully configurable. This includes options like precision X, Y and Z stages for precise positioning of your parts to adding a base with casters. Our goal is to help you build a system that meets your unique needs. Below are some of the options:

  • Precision Z-Stage for fixture
  • Precision Z-stage for laser
  • Manual X,Y, Positioning
  • Programmable - motorized x,y,z
  • Fume extractor
  • Base with caster


BoldSky’s Laser systems are designed to work right out of the box for most applications. However, we know that some projects are unique and require a custom solution. With this in mind, our engineers are ready to help design a solution for you. Whether it be a simple nesting fixture to hold and precisely locate your parts or an automated system to increase your production. We will work with you to reach your goal.

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Sample of laser marked component
(BoldSky Technologies: Custom designed fixture)

IT Systems Integration

Tracking and tracing your products with serialized numbers and barcodes is a quality requirement in many of today’s applications. This often means that your laser system will need to work hand in hand with your company’s IT systems.

Let us know how we can partner with you to tackle your toughest data integration challenges.

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